In Memory Of

Charles F. Alexander

Clarence Armstrong

Dr. Terry Winston Armstrong

Frank Armstrong

Oscar Attix

Harry Aumack

Earl E Baker

Sam Baker

Rev. F. Sydney Bancroft

J Chester Banta

Charles A Barnes

George R. Barnes

George R. Barnes Jr.

Carl A Bartlett

John Irving Barton

Rev. Frederick W Barton

Fred Beideman

Davis H Bell

Roland W Bell

William E.C. Bell

Martin K Bessinger

Samuel M Best

Beau Biden

A.O. Biers

Russell Biggs

Ernest Blendt

George Blendt

Harley R Bodley Sr.

George W Boehmler

J Caleb Boggs

Linden Boyer Sr

George E Bradley

Frank Bramble

Merrill Brittingham

Steven M Brommer

Fred J Brown

George Brown

Herbert Brown

I.E. Brown

George E Bryson

William H Bullock

Harold L Burge

Lester Burris

Charles A Burrows Jr.

Henry S Bush

Charles L. Busker

Charles L. Busker Jr.

John R Cameron Jr

Gove S Campbell

Harold J Carrow Jr

William J Carson

Fred Carter

William Carter

Christopher Caswell

George Cathcart

Harry Cloud

Richard L Cochran

Samuel Cole

Ernest P Collins

Garland Collins

Harry Collins

Joseph Collins

Leon A Collins

S.A. Collins

Vaughn Collins

William H Collins

John Conrad

John H.J. Cook

Carl S Cooper

Irving Cooper

Bert Corby

Dr. Roy F. Corley

John Cosgriff

J.B. Counselman

Irving Cox

William T Cox Jr.

A. Lee Cummins

William A Dailey

Dewey David

George B David

Richard W. David

S. Clark David

Victor David

James T Davidson

Reginald De Ford

Harold H Deakyne

J. Roland Deamer

Arthur C Dickerson

George Dickerson

Willard T Donohoe

Homer Downs

John W Dukes

Donald V Ebright Sr.

Howard Edgar

James N Edmondson

Guy M Edmondson Sr.

William D Ellison

G. Richard Elterich

V Wallace Elterich

Wallace D Elterich

V. Wallace Elterick

B. Franklin Ennis

L. Clark Ennis

S Creadick Ennis

Victor D Ennis

Nelson Everhart

J. Wells Faries

Lester Faries

William R. Faries

Wilson E Faries

Ralph G Faries Jr

Milbourne Faulkner

E.M. Flowler

D. Vernon Ford

Calvin E Foxwell Sr.

Clark Franklin

Grant Garis

Martin Golden

J. Lester Goldsborough

Samuel T Gramer

Earl W Grant

William B Grant

Howard Green

James M Green III

Paul B Grier

Harry B Grieves

Charles Griffin

Jack Griffin

Maynard Griffith

James S Hairgrove

Edward R. Hall

Dr Harold Halpern

Alex Handloff

Richard Handsberry

Walter A Handsberry

Thomas J Harris

William A Hartnett

Frank J Harvath

Paul M Hengst

J. Ed Hoffecker

Rev. Edwin Horney

Roger Hudson

A. L. Hudson Jr

Charles Hufschmidt

Harold H Hufschmidt

Thomas E Humphreys

J. C. Husted

William Inman

Ralph Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

J. T. Jerman

A. B. Jester

Benjamin F Johnson

Harry C Johnson

Harry P Jones

Harvey Jones

Howard R Jones

J. Harper Jones

Milton Jones

Nowland Jones

Ralph Paul Jones

T. B. Jones

Raymond J. F. Kelly

Thomas L Kennedy III

William H Kenworthy Jr

William H Kenworthy Sr

Charles C King

Grover C King

Leighton B Kirby

Frederick N Kiser

Marvin H Knox

William S Kruchen

J. Benjamin Krushen

Charles G Lamb

James Lamb

Frederick Lang

James Langrel

Harold Lassell

James H Lassell

John Lattamous

James Oscar Leager Sr

Jacob Leinburger

W. Burton Leinburger

Homer Lewis

Daniel C Loder

Delancey E Long

John H. Long

William R Long

Harry J Lower

David Lurty

William H Lurty

David Lynam

A. R. MacAllen

John C Mannering

William Markland

Douglas Martin

Powell Marvel

Woodrow W Marvel

William E Matthews Jr

J. Harry Mattiford

Wilson C Mayberrie

Frank P McCawley

Arch McClain

James McClain

Dr. Ellis E McCoy

L.C. McCoy

John D McDonald

Charles H Melton

Kenneth Meredith

J Douglas Miller

David C Mills

William H Minner Jr

George C Moffett

Samuel Allen Moffitt

John Mood Sr

Alfred D Moore

Dr. T. C. Moore

Robert B. Morgan

Stanley Morris

B Franklin Morris III

B. Franklin Morris Jr.

Dr. Thomas C Mulligan

C Albert O'Neal Jr.

William B Owens

J. Thomas Pappas Jr

Morgan L. Parry

Joseph B. Passwaters

Norwood Pawn

William Poore

John E Poore Sr.

William J. Potter

Warner W Price Sr

Harry T Pusey

Raymond D. Pusey

Rev. William H Revelle Jr.

Alan F. Robinson

Alden Robinson

Herman L. Robinson

James N. Rodney

James Rogers

William F Rogers

William V Roth Jr

George C. Rothwell

Andrew K. Ruby

Willard Y Rutter

Rodney Schuman

Benjamin Seward

Henry P. Shapley

Harry P. Sharpley

John E. Shetzler Jr.

Homer Shorts

Harry Shortt

Frank Slaughter

George O Smith

Nelson M Staats

Harry J. Still

Harry Still Jr

Rev. Joseph Tatnall

Harry M Thompson

Clarence W Tigner

Alfred Tilghman

David M Todd

Sherman W Tribbitt

J. Fletcher Truax

James C Truax

Edward Tucker

J. Edward Tucker

James T Vaughn

James T Vaughn Sr

Samuel C. Wallace

Thomas Walsh Jr

James C Warren

Vernon Alan Westfall

George D Whaley

Woodrow W Whittaker

William H Willis

J. Edwin Wilson Jr

James V Wright

Joseph H Wright

W. W. Wright

Dr. Paul Yoder

Philip Young

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Knox Box


The KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System provides non-destructive emergency access to commercial and residential property.

recent alarms

  • Mon Jun, 17 2024 @ 19:14

    Nature: Watercraft in Distress

    Location: Lake Como Park - Smyrna

    Address: 333 South Main St

    City: , DE

  • Mon Jun, 17 2024 @ 16:13

    Nature: Withheld

    Location: Station 55 Magnolia Fire Company - Magnolia

    Address: 2 North Main St

    City: , DE

  • Mon Jun, 17 2024 @ 15:30

    Nature: Outside Fire

    Location: David E. Robinson Elementary School - Magnolia

    Address: 1038 Briarbush Rd

    City: , DE

  • Mon Jun, 17 2024 @ 05:46

    Nature: Traffic Collision w/Injuries

    Location: Smyrna

    Address: Dupont Pky and RT 1 North

    City: , DE

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